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Smart time management, specialist study advice and mental health support for students who think and learn differently.

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Designed for students who think and learn differently

Having enough time is something we can all find difficult. But for students who also struggle with concentration, processing speed, memory, feeling overwhelmed or not knowing how to get started, time can become a big problem.

After years of working with students who struggled to manage their time effectively, we made Booost to help.

Booost helps students:

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Keep track of everything they have to do and everywhere they need to go
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Prioritise what is important and break down what is overwhelming
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Build good study habits and establish healthy routines
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Access a library of expertly written study and wellbeing advice
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Get specialist 24/7 mental health support

What students think

“My experience with Booost has been fantastic. From keeping me organised in my day-to-day studying to helping me manage my mental health, Booost has helped me stay on-task and on-time with a lot of my work. I'm grateful to have an app that covers so many needs and supports me so much and can't emphasise enough how helpful it is."
Student with ADHD, BA English Language at The University of Oxford

What students think

“The app is amazing. I use it to plan my days and structure free time. I struggle with concentration, so certain combinations of colours help to focus the mind and all those colours are available on the app. It really is a fantastic application!”
Student, University of South Wales

What students think

Booost allows me to add in parts of my day when I’m available and because I struggle to know what to do in that time and make those sorts of decisions quickly, it helps me to choose what to do. I love it.
Student with ADHD, BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford

What students think

“I received Booost a couple of weeks ago and started using it instantly. The app is amazing and it is going to be a great help to me."
Student with mental health difficulties, BA English Literature at Exeter University
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How Booost works

Much more than just another calendar or tasks app

Booost does all the things you would expect – add events and tasks, set reminders and never miss a deadline – but the power of Booost is in what happens next...

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Add everything you have to do and everywhere you have to go to. Import your timetable. Add notes, due dates, locations and notifications. Tell Booost when you work most productively.

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Booost your day to see when to get things done and which tasks are most important. Add routines to build good habits, and reflect on each day to track how you’re doing.

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Get help whenever you need it. Use checklists to break down tasks, expert study and wellbeing guides for extra help, or contact friends and family, or the SHOUT 85258 24/7 mental health support service.

Calendar, tasks, advice & support

All in one place, across all your devices

No more jumping between apps and services - Booost has all the tools students need to organise and overcome barriers to study.

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Booost is available for funding through the Disabled Students’ Allowance

Booost is approved by Student Finance England, and available for recommendation to students.

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Assessor toolkit

Resources for Assessors, including a Recommendation Guide, assets for introducing students to Booost and feature overview videos.

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Book a 30-minute certified demo to see Booost in action and get your own assessor / trainer licence

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What is the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)?

The Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) is funding provided by the government to UK students to pay for any additional study-related costs that are incurred due to studying as a disabled student.

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Get Booost as a student

Booost is available for eligible students through the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) funding, or can be purchased directly.

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If you are a student that has received your Booost licence and would like some help with using it, book a 1-1 training session with us.

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