You did it! Over £6000 raised for charity partners

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Illustration of someone holding a money bank
Illustration of someone holding a money bank
Illustration of someone holding a money bank
Illustration of someone holding a money bank

January is the perfect time to review and reflect on the past year, so we thought we’d give a little (big) update on our fundraising initiative with our charity partners.

We’re thrilled to announce that in 2023, we raised an impressive £6062.00 for the ADHD Foundation and the Air Ambulance Service; what a great way to kick off 2024!

To visualise how this helps each organisation, £3000 is enough to cover 60 therapy or coaching sessions for a child or teenager, provide 30 educational resources for teachers and schools and fund almost two air rescue missions.

For every Booost licence sold, a donation is made to our charity partners. As well as helping students learn smarter, assessors recommending Booost directly fund vital resources for these incredible charities, so a huge thanks to you.

Here’s a reminder of who our partners were and the amazing work they do:

ADHD Foundation

As the UK’s leading neurodiversity charity, the ADHD Foundation adopts a strength-based approach, championing different thinkers and improving the life chances of those living with and impacted by their conditions.

According to their Impact Report from April 2022 - March 2023, 20% of UK citizens are neurodiverse. 1 in 10 are dyslexic, 1 in 20 have dyspraxia, 1 in 20 are impacted by ADHD, 1 in 10 have dyscalculia, and 1 in 60 are autistic.

Their mission is to bring about social change by collaborating with health, education, and employment sectors to remove inequalities for the neurodiverse community.

Booost is endorsed by the ADHD Foundation, and we’re proud to be working with them as an official partner, helping people get the diagnoses and support they need and making education accessible to everyone.

The Air Ambulance Service

Chosen by a network of DSA assessors, the Air Ambulance Service provides life-saving emergency care through its national Children’s Air Ambulance and local air ambulance services across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Without backing from government or National Lottery sources, this vital emergency service relies entirely on donations to fund its crucial operations.

In 2023 alone, the Air Ambulance Service carried out an astonishing 3,462 missions, with 643 hours flown in rapid-response helicopters and 55,867 miles driven by critical care cars.

We see you 2023, and we raise you

Having smashed our initial target by raising over £6000 last year, we’ll continue supporting charitable causes and hope to double that by the end of 2024.

If you’re an assessor, tutor or parent working with a student who struggles with time management and organisation, find out how Booost can help them plan and prioritise their workload and give extra help and support when needed.

With over 10,400 students already using Booost through the Disabled Students’ Allowance, the word is spreading to educators in secondary schools, FE colleges and HEIs keen for pupils to manage their workload and wellbeing more effectively.

Taking control of your learning experience with Booost can enhance productivity, reduce stress and build confidence. All good habits for independent learning and essential life skills for education, in the workplace and beyond.

Full speed ahead

So, as we step into 2024 and commit to making our own positive impact on society, we look forward to supporting our partners as they do what they do best. Watch this space for more news on our social initiatives, developing projects and updates on our fundraising campaigns.

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