Booost version 1.3

Multiple calendars in Booost and other improvements

January 17, 2024

Booost 1.3 app visuals
Booost 1.3 app visuals
Booost 1.3 app visuals

We’ve added new features and improved Booost, making it easier for you to keep track of where you need to be and what you need to do.

You can now bring multiple calendars into Booost, and if the original calendar is updated, you’ll see the changes in Booost almost instantly. This gives you better control over optimising your events, increasing the flexibility of your event management, and is great for short-notice lecture changes! You can now also reorder your checklists to organise your to-do list how you want.

We’ve fixed a couple of bugs reported to us by users, including one that affected the timings of imported events, notifications not being issued, and slow loading times within the calendar.

  • Added checklist reordering - you can now change the order of your to-do list to suit how you want to do things.

  • Added multiple calendars - you can now have more than one calendar in Booost, opening up options to have academic, personal, and work calendars all in one place.

  • Added calendar sync - if something is changed within your external calendar, your events within Booost will automatically be updated.

  • Added a marker to show which events are from external calendars.

  • Added calendar disconnect - if you no longer wish to see an external calendar, you can disconnect it in one tap and choose if previous events are kept.

  • Improved loading times when viewing your calendar.

  • Fixed an issue that affected the timing of imported events.

  • Fixed deleting checklist items no longer redirects to the home screen.

  • Fixed checklist items for lesson event types now don’t include any rogue suggestions.

  • Fixed the help guides in the resource section so that they no longer have large gaps between paragraphs.

  • Fixed an issue that caused freezing within the calendar.

  • Fixed an issue that stopped notifications from being issued to users.

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