Booost version 1.1

Bring in your timetable (and a load of improvements)

January 6, 2022

Booost app timetable import
Booost app timetable import
Booost app timetable import

We’ve made using Booost’s calendar even easier: you can now import events from any public calendar that you might use already - Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCloud, to name a few. There’s also now the option to jump back to ‘Today’ when viewing a different date on your Booost calendar, and two-step deletion when removing a task or event to be sure that was your intention. Plus, lots of other little fixes and improvements throughout the app.

  • Added timetable import - import from any public calendar (instructions included for Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud and Google Calendar)

  • Added Back to Today button - when you jump to a different date in the calendar, you can now tap the ‘Today’ icon to go back to the current day

  • Added two-step deletion - when you delete a task or event, the app will now check that was your intention first

  • Added a wider choice of icons for all events

  • Improved article accessibility - pinch to zoom in on support articles, or press and hold to select text (useful for 3rd party text-to-speech)

  • Improved notifications - local notifications now include more information

  • Improved checklist items display - in the list view, checklist items now automatically expand to show the full content, and more text is shown in the carousel view

  • Fixed an issue that blocked local notifications for some users

  • Fixed issue that allowed you to Booost times that had already passed

  • Fixed rogue colour options for task and event cards, which made content unreadable

  • Fixed an issue that stopped icons for events from displaying

  • Fixed an issue that caused the calendar to jump two weeks instead of one when you scroll through dates

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