Luna version 1.0

Learn smarter, one card at a time

June 1, 2023

Luna web app
Luna web app
Luna web app

Create flashcards in an instant through the power of AI. Luna makes your study materials into flashcards for you to learn from, taking the key insights and turning them into questions and answers. Or, give Luna a short prompt and the AI will give you a collection of flashcards from that alone. Plus, revision schedules that work based on the evidence-backed theories of spaced repetition and active recall. Luna makes learning new information easier be that for a lesson, exam, presentation, or whatever else.

Learn how our products can
help your students

Learn how our products can help your students

See our products in action and find out how they support students with a certified demo and get your own assessor / trainer licence. Or to enquire about institutional licensing, get in touch with our sales team.