Luna version 1.0.3

Improved accessibility & usability enhancements

September 14, 2023

Luan mobile app
Luan mobile app
Luan mobile app

This update sees a whole load of post-launch clean ups, with some UI improvements and feature enhancements made. Plus, improved accessibility throughout and some bugs squashed.

  • Added snack bar system providing the user with subtle feedback on their actions

  • AddedLearn more about scheduling” link in collection settings

  • Added ‘Set all’ button to change all cards from short answer to true/false question type when generating cards

  • Added onboarding tour video after registration to help users get the most out of Luna (can also be accessed via Settings > Support & Legal)

  • Improved accessibility across the app (Luna now scores 100% for the accessibility component using Lighthouse, an open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages).

  • Improved the review cards process so next card is automatically displayed once the confidence rating is applied

  • Improved retake review flow by removing the unnecessary 'Start' screen

  • Improved answer cards to allow up to 400 characters

  • Improved display of newly added cards by highlighting them in the collection

  • Improved UI consistency across the app

  • Fixed a bug causing text to be input on an existing collection when updating settings

  • Fixed character limit on the name field in the user settings

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